Brown Baby Girl

Brown Baby Girl is the inspired collaboration of Jamie Finegan and Lorenda Robinson. 

Jamie is a musician’s musician.  Son of Grammy nominated composer/ arranger Bill Finegan, He composes, arranges, and plays trumpet and piano.  His playing credits are myriad and diverse, having recorded, toured and performed all over the world with many great Jazz and blues artists including: the late great Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Don Braden, Geri Mulligan, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown and many others.

Lorenda is a charismatic entertainer who has collaborated with some of the most promising up and coming talent to hit the rap, jazz and alternative music scenes.  Her vocal and writing prowess were featured on the ‘Infectious’ project by underground hip-hop ingénues; Jigmastas and she makes a glowing guest appearance on the highly acclaimed debut album from Expansion Records TM artist James Day ‘Better Days’. 

Brown Baby Girl is the amalgamation of Jamie’s masterful musicianship and instrumentation and Lorenda’s enticing vocals and poetic lyricism.  The groove they’ve created provides the listener with music that feels soothingly familiar to the spirit.  It reminds R&B of its roots and re-introduces the concept that in jazz there are no rules.  

For more information on BBG, visit their website.

Adina Mardenborough